Lana Del Rey: New Music Video In The Works?

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Lana Del Rey will be releasing a new music video within the month.

The new Lana Del Rey music video news was apparently leaked by model Jake Mast, who is assumed to be working with her on the new video.

A new video from Lana Del Rey is always something to look forward to, and with the release of her new album, Honeymoon, in September, there is plenty of Lana Mania to keep her fans from summertime sadness.

See what I did there?

Jake Mast leaked the news on Twitter, posting a pic of himself with Lana Del Rey and a caption that read, "Lana del Rey music video titled 'Music To Watch Boys To' coming out verry soon this month!! Check us out! #lanadelrey"

So exciting! I know I'm looking forward to some new music from Lana Del Rey. It ought to be interesting to hear since she hinted to Billboard earlier this year that we can expect something a little different than what was on her immensely popular Ultraviolence.

Lana Del Rey had reportedly already written nine songs for the new album, but she said, "I'm looking for a few more songs to tie everything together."

She added, "It's very different from the last one and similar to the first two, Born to Die and Paradise. I finished my last one in March and released it in June and I had a follow-up idea. It's growing into something I really like. I'm kind of enjoying sinking into this more noirish feel for this one. It's been good."

Are you looking forward to Lana Del Rey's new music video and album?

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