Lamar Odom Won't Face Drug Charges for Overdose at Nevada Brothel

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Lamar Odom won't face any drug charges stemming from his accidental overdose at that Nevada brothel in October.

According to a report from Page Six, prosecutors said on Monday that evidence didn't prove Lamar Odom used cocaine during his three days in Nye County, therefore he can't be charged with "unlawful use of cocaine or being under the influence of a controlled substance." That was the felony count recommended by the sheriff in that Nevada county.

Lamar Odom had no cocaine in his possession, and the cocaine in his system had already metabolized when he was hospitalized back on October 13 in critical condition.

District Attorney Angela Bello said it's “unlikely it could (be) established beyond a reasonable doubt he actually ingested, or was impaired by, the drug during the time he was within the jurisdiction of Nye County.”

Lamar Odom checked out of the hospital on Friday where he was a patient since October. Estranged wife Khloe Kardashian had him moved to L.A. from Las Vegas, where he was transferred from the hospital closest to the brothel. He checked into a private rehab center on Friday, where he will continue working on his speech, memory, and motor skills.

Lamar Odom dodged a bullet. Do you expect he will take this into consideration once he is physically rehabilitated? Having a history of drug abuse, one can only hope Lamar Odom chooses to never use drugs again.

Do you think Lamar Odom realizes how lucky he is to be alive and not to be facing serious drug charges?

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