Lamar Odom: Is Failed Marriage His Fault?

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As earlier reported by us, Khloe' Kardashian has officially filed for divorce-- adding another link to the long chain of professional and personal trouble Lamar Odom has been experiencing these past few years.

Lamar Odom started a promising NBA basketball career in 1999 with the Los Angeles Clippers. There he was named to the NBA All-Rookie Team, and gained great strides with the Clippers before leaving to play a brief stint with the Miami Heat. His most notable performances were during the following eight Laker seasons, in which he helped bring two NBA championships home as well as a Sixth Man of the Year Award.

He got chummy with a well-known family during this time with the Lakers, and soon we were keeping up with him and Khloe' Kardashian's whirlwind relationship that quickly resulted in marriage.

A fairy tale romance was not destined to be, however; in the words of Andre 3000-- it looks like the couple's love is ending in a Hollywood Divorce.

Who is to blame for another marriage gone wrong? While the public tries to decide (as if it is our business, and not theirs), many blame Lamar Odom's publicized troubles for the divorce. Here are a few of his trouble's highlowlights:

-On July 17, 2011, Lamar Odom was a passenger in a car that killed a 15-year-old pedestrian. Divorce-worthy? Probably Not.

-Lamar takes time off from NBA to care for seriously ill father in April of 2012. Divorce-worthy? Hopefully the reduction of income to care for his father wasn't a cause of disgruntlement for Khloe'.

-Lamar is arrested for a DUI on August of this year and immediately checks into rehab only to leave almost immediately. Denied rumors of drug abuse run rampart via "trusty and reliable news sources."

Has the kitchen gotten too hot for Khloe' and she wants out, or was it just not meant to be?

This recent freestyle video of a shirtless and wasted Odom rapping about maybe cheating on his wife doesn't help anything:

and Khloe' is understandably staying quiet about the divorce right now.

Do you think Lamar should be blamed for the divorce? Arsenio Hall isn't buying it,

fans seem to be nearing a breakdown:

and we all know that rarely is just one person to blame for a divorce. For whatever reason that it has happened, it's hard to see another dream of living happily together fall apart.

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