Lady Gaga's 'Brooklyn Nights' Track Leaks Online

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A song that was supposed to be included in Lady Gaga’s 2013 album ARTPOP made its way online over the weekend. The track with the title “Brooklyn Nights” was said to be recorded almost four years ago when the singer was working on her 2009 EP The Fame Monster.

Gaga revealed the title of the song in a Q&A session on Twitter on September 20 last year, in anticipation of ARTPOP’s release. However, the song, produced by DJ White Shadow, was nowhere to be found in the album’s final track list. The singer later revealed that the track would be available to audiences via the ARTPOP mobile app.

In the pop ballad “Brooklyn Nights”, Gaga sings about a failed relationship. The song is somewhat nostalgic, and gives listeners a glimpse of the once-happy relationship: “I always thought it was you / You always thought it was me / We always thought we were it / Seemed like a real perfect fit”.

The thoughts are of a young couple in love, no doubt. This was confirmed in the next lines that say even though they were young, they could grow old together until the very end. However, this love was short-lived: it doesn’t appear that they can be together forever. Things have changed from when they spent happy nights in Brooklyn.

The relationship must have gone toxic, and the couple had already gone their separate ways. This is where Gaga starts reminiscing about the old times and their domestic life, from missing their old chandelier to watching Rocky IV.

So what went wrong?

The song doesn’t say, but in the next lines we hear about how she found an old pair of keys to the apartment that she shared with her significant other, and it made her want to see him again to see if they can “make it work”. It’s been seven years and she had had a string of bad dates, and was hoping that she could spend a night hanging out with “the old you”. Maybe then, she sings, they can be themselves and tell the truth.

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