Lady Gaga Starts Taking Self-Shots on Instagram, Already Fitting in Nicely

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The undisputed Queen of Twitter with over 26.6 million followers, Lady Gaga is making her way into another social medium - the filtered world of Instagram.

She actually posted her first photo, a self-shot, about two weeks ago. But after that, her Instagram activity was quiet. Now, in the last few hours, she's posted four more self-shots. Plus, she just leveraged the immense power of her Twitter account to let everyone know that she was now on the network. Check out the familiar Twitter/Instagram cross-post:

I guess that means that Gaga is a legitimate Instagrammer now.

Here's the pic she promoted on Twitter:

If you want to gauge just how popular Gaga is on any social network - just look at the interaction on that one photo. Over 11,000 "likes" and over 1300 comments. In all, Lady Gaga already has 122,000 followers on Instagram.

After dominating Twitter and maintaining a similarly strong presence on Facebook, Gaga moved to Google+ and even Tumblr in thepast year. Maybe she decided to give Instagram a whirl when someone told her that Foursquare would probably be a bad idea for someone of her...popularity.

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