Lady Gaga Launches Backplane Site in Beta

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Months ago, it was announced that Lady Gaga had thrown her considerable influence behind a social media platform called Backplane. Exactly what that was or how it would be used by Gaga remained to be seen.

With the launch of, we are one step closer to finding out that that is going to be like.

Little Monsters is currently in "extreme beta", with a line forming for invitations.

The fine folks at Tech Crunch were able to get an early invite and see what is behind the curtain.

Screen shots tell the tale of a Pinterest-style layout of images of all things Gaga.

As users "like" certain images and topics over others, what you see becomes more customized. You can even modify the images with a simple image editor onsite.

So, is Little Monsters merely a Lady Gaga Pinterest board?

Little Monsters is designed to be an online community for Gaga and her fans. There is a calendar aspect, with Google Calendar and Gmail integration. And, as other sites are launched with the Backplane platform, you will be able to bounce between them.

Lady Gaga has 18 million Twitter followers. As the invites roll out in the coming months Little Monsters is sure to fill in fast as a huge community. Then, as other Backplane sites launch, we'll see this tech in action.

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