Lady Gaga Hits 20 Million Twitter Followers

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Lady Gaga has just set another Twitter record, as Mother Monster is now the first Twitter user to ever crack the 20 million follower barrier. As of the writing of this article, Gaga has amassed 20.1 million followers.

Gaga has held the title of "Queen of Twitter for quite some time. In May, 2011, Gaga became the first to ever hit 10 million followers. Near the end of January, she hit 18 million followers, a staggering figure that meant she was gaining, on average, about 1 million new followers a month.

When Gaga hit 10 million followers, Twitter analytics company TwitterCounter predicted that she would hit 20 million in about 400 days. In reality, it took her just under 300 days to reach the number. At that time, Gaga was gaining a few under 25,000 new followers every day, Now that figure is just shy of 42,000.

As of right now, Gaga has just about 2 million followers more than Justin Bieber, who resides in second place. Third place goes to Katy Perry while President Obama comes in 8th place with just under 13 million followers. Musicians seem to rule the Twitterverse, as 7 of the 10 most-followed users are performers (and 6 of them are girls).

An incredibly famous person with a gigantic fanbase is going to garner Twitter followers at a pretty fast clip regardless of how they interact with the service. But one of the things that sets Gaga apart from some big-name performers is that she seems to take an interest in managing her Twitter account personally. She's always claimed that she's the one doing the tweeting - not just her PR guys. Not only that, but she interacts with fans through the service with retweets, replies, and by posting links and images.

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Twitter isn't the only place where Gaga has a huge presence and she's been pretty busy lately expanding her brand into other social spheres. In June 2011, Gaga started her own Tumblr fashion blog called Amen Fashion and in Januray 2012, she joined Google+. About a month ago, she launched, her own social media site that appears to be like a Pinterest for all things Gaga. That site is still operating in a beta stage.

According to TwitterCounter, we can expect Gaga to keep her title for the foreseeable future. Going by her current rate of growth, Gaga will double her followers to 40,000,000 in about 476 days.

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