Lady Gaga Does Google

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The current queen of pop -- no, not Rebecca Black either; although, she's clearly a princess -- went to Google the other day to complete the Q&A session that began with a YouTube invitation from Lady Gaga herself.

The follow-up portion of the Gaga's user-generated-content-based interview was conducted by Marissa Mayer, who presented Gaga with the questions submitted by her legion of fans. According to a statement from Google (via PC Mag), there were over 54,000 video submissions for the Gaga Q & A. Of course, Google and its employees were clearly more than willing to bask in glow of Gaga's popularity, understandably treating the event more like a concert than an interview.

Google even created a logo for the event, which was shared on Twitpic; and naturally, there was a Twitter hashtag for the event -- #googlegoesgaga -- solidifying the just how much social media and user-generated content contributed to the Gaga interview (everything).

The event was preserved by YouTube, and the entire interview is available for Gaga fans and search engine news followers alike:

During the interview, Gaga even stuck up for the latest Internet star, the aforementioned Rebecca Black. Instead of adding to burning-hot fire of criticism, which has since turned into a trend others can't help but follow, Gaga perhaps predictably defended Black by calling her a genius. Considering the backlash against the original backlash, it wouldn't be the least bit surprising if the young Rebecca Black evolved from a Internet sensation into a "legitimate" recording artist who appears as an opening act on Gaga's next tour.

As for her visit to the Google campus, Gaga was as impressed with them as they were with her, and her Twitter account reflects that very well.

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