Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do Sexy Collaboration

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Lady Gaga, the weird lady of pop, has done a collaboration with the notable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons R&B singer R. Kelly. The two have come together to create a song entitled 'Do What You Want', which will be a component of Gaga's new album 'ARTPOP' which is set to release in November of 2013. Ohh, fans of both the artists are rubbing their hands together for this one.

The provocative music duo gives no less than what one would expect them to give. And the introduction to the track starts off with a tune resembling that of a cheap porno soundtrack, which is absolutely fitting. Promiscuous ingenuity from the start! It gets better from there as it melts into a street beat feel as Gaga comes in singing the verses which lead into the chorus that has Gaga singing "Do what you want with my body." This might be too easy of a joke to make, but the road must traveled.

With R. Kelly's history of golden showers, people are uncertain as to whether Gaga should be singing within the vicinity of R. Kelly while uttering the words Do you what you want with my body. Some are thinking that a star like Gaga must be careful not to give Kelly too much license to work in the field of doing things with people's bodies.

To the slight relief of fans, this collaboration seems to be equally mastered by both artists and no one is given too much sexual power, although Gaga is portraying more of a submissive character in this song, but she does declare that "You don't own [her] life." At least she still owns that part of herself.

Eventually R. Kelly chimes in with his little verse... which doesn't sound like anything special at first, until he says "I could be the green in your blunt." Well, we knew something illegal would happen here sooner or later.

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