L.L. Cool J's Mama Had Nothing To Do With This

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L.L. Cool J seems to be a pretty laid back guy. He's a family man, an actor, and a veteran in the music business, which has earned him quite a bit of street cred over the years. Plus, Ladies Love Cool James. It's those lips.

Unfortunately for him, he recorded a song in 1990 which made him appear to be something of a badass (a badass who listens to his mama), and now that he's come out the winner of a bout with a not-so-bright burglar, the jokes and bad puns are just running rampant on social media.

Apparently the guy broke into the rapper's Studio City home in the early hours of Wednesday morning and J, being himself, walked straight downstairs to investigate. What resulted was a "knock down, drag-out fight" wherein J beat the crap out of the thief, breaking his nose and jaw.

Obviously, this happened.

And on and on. And then there was this guy, who seized his golden opportunity to kill two trending topics at once.

I think the people have spoken, Cool J. It's time to resurrect the classic. Just wear clear deodorant this time, please.

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