Kym Johnson And Robert Herjavec: "Get A Room", Says Host

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Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec have certainly maintained their heat on the dance floor, so much so that Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron called their performance the "get-a-room-dance".

The duo--who are reportedly spending time together outside of the dance competition--have earned praise from many for the chemistry they show during performances, but some think the heat has been turned up too much. Both ET and Glamour have noted the couple's intensity, saying it's a bit much for every single dance.

"Yeah, we get it, you guys want to get it on. It doesn't need to be the focus of every dance, and it's awkward. Like when you're hanging out at a party and your friends are making out right next to you. Just get a room," wrote ET's Zach Seemayer.

Herjavec, who is also known from his appearances on Shark Tank, said earlier this month that he and Johnson had become great friends, seemingly playing down their closeness, but Kym posted photos on Instagram of the two of them sharing Easter together.

“She’s a great dancer and she’s become a great friend. It’s more than just the dancing,” Herjavec said on Good Morning America recently. I think we just get along great!”

Glamour blogger Jessica Radloff says she spoke with Kym and Robert backstage during the most recent episode of the show and told them they weren't fooling anyone by trying to act cool once they were offstage. Later, Kym let it slip that the world might be seeing her kiss Robert for real, after their near-buss following the tango.

"Backstage, Kym and Robert tried to downplay their chemistry, saying they were just in character during their Argentine tango, but I told them they weren't fooling anybody. (Clearly). Then this exchange happened," Radloff wrote.

Kym: We have the contemporary and the samba next week.
Robert: What’s the key to the contemporary?
Kym: It’s again about emotion and telling a story.
Robert: Like sexy emotion or ha-ha emotion?
Kym: It’s more passionate sexy.
Robert: [Inquisitively] Really?
Glamour: Since we almost saw a kiss tonight at the end of the tango, can we get an actual one in the contemporary?
Kym: Yeah, we’ve been...people on Twitter have been asking us to do that.
Glamour: So will you?
Kym: Maybe, we’ll see.

Dancing With The Stars airs on Mondays on ABC.

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