Kym Johnson And Robert Herjavec: Caught Kissing, Still Deny Dating Rumors

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Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec have had to endure rumors of chemistry off the dance floor since this season of Dancing with the Stars began.

As far as dancing partners go, Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec are really great together.

But, it is everything but obvious that something is going on between Kym Johnson and her dancing partner.

In fact, on Saturday TMZ posted a video showing Robert Herjavec planting one on Kym Johnson's lips and putting his arm around her as they exited Greenblatt's Deli in Hollywood.

When asked about their romance, Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec play it down.

#tbt what a great night with @robertherjavec our first dance!! @dancingabc #DWTS

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When asked if it was love at first sight with Kym Johson, Herjavec says, "It was dancing at first sight."


When asked if Kym Johnson had met Robert's kids yet, he replied, "No. We're just dancing."

Literally right after they were just caught kissing.

On Monday's episode, during the pre-taped rehearsal footage, however, it seems Robert is thinking about doing more than dancing with Kym Johnson.

I hope @islandboynla remembers to take this clip out of my hair before I dance!! @dancingabc #dwts

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He said of Kym Johnson, "I love hanging out with Kym. She's a lot of fun to be with."

He told Us, "From the moment I met [Kym Johnson], we got along great. This is a very scary experience for me, and it’s great to have somebody like Kym to go through it with."

Feels so great to be back in the ballroom! @robertherjavec @dancingabc #teamsharkeroo

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Whether or not Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec want to admit that they are in a relationship, Derek Hough is reportedly behind them 100%.

Hough said of Kym Johnson and her dancing partner, "I think they're an adorable couple."

He added, "Literally when Kym describes the kind of man that she’s looking for, it's him! She's like, 'I need a guy like this and like this' and I'm like, 'Yo, that's him!' More power to them! I say yay to that."

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec really do make a nice couple, and hopefully they will feel free to come out with their relationship news soon! What do you think of Kym Johnson and her dancing partner as real life partners?

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