Kylie Minogue Vs. Kylie Jenner: Which of the Kylies Will Win?

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Kylie Minogue is speaking out against Kylie Jenner's attempts to trademark her first name. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star filed an application to do just that in recent days.

Kylie Minogue has been in the entertainment spotlight far longer than Kylie Jenner. That's why the "Can't Get You Out of My Head" singer is opposing Jenner's trademark application. She shared her end of the battle of the Kylies via Twitter just days ago.

Billboard reported last week that Kylie Jenner had filed paperwork to trademark her first name. In turn, Kylie Minogue filed "a notice of opposition to the application."

Kylie Minogue is represented by KDB of Australia. They argue that if the US Patent and Trademark Office approved Kylie Jenner’s application then it would cause confusion among consumers and hurt the pop singer’s brand.

Minogue has sold in excess of 65 million albums throughout her career. The recipient of Brit Awards and Grammy Awards, she became the first-ever woman (and first foreigner--she is from Melbourne, Australia) to receive Britain's Music Industry Trusts' Award in 2011.

Kylie Minogue purchased the domain name in 1996, the year before Kylie Jenner was born. That likely doesn't sit well with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, as she seems quite used to getting everything she wants.

In the Kylie Minogue vs. Kylie Jenner battle, which of the Kylies do you think will win? Does Kylie Minogue stand a batter chance because she has been part of the entertainment world much longer, or will money and celeb status win out in this case?

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