Kylie Jenner Gives Illegal Tattoo, Posts Racy Photos

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Kylie Jenner, daughter of athlete Bruce Jenner and a star of the reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, sure seems starved for attention lately.

Recently the 16-year old was seen, via video, at a Hollywood recording studio where she used a tattoo pen to leave her initials on the right hand of Miles Richie, younger brother of Nicole Richie. Though tattoo artist John Petro guided her, it is still illegal to give someone a tattoo without a license. In fact, Jenner isn't allowed to get any tattoos herself until she turns 18 (without written permission from dad or mom/manager Kris Jenner, that is).

In the past, Jenner has been seen with ornate Sharpie tattoos that she and sister Kendall have had drawn by makeup artist Nat Wood. One depicts an antelope skull, the other a gun.

But what would reality star gossip be without photos?

As well as photos of she and Kendall's tattoos, Jenner posted a black-and-white photo of she and a shirtless Calvin Klein boxer-clad Jaden Smith together, Jenner straddling him. It is said to be in response to the controversial photo of Willow Smith and her shirtless friend Mosies Arias sitting on a bed together back in April.

As far as Willow and Mosies' photo, they say it was "just for fun."

But the truth is, Jenner seems to post lots (I mean, lots) of pictures of herself online. As the half-sister of the Kardashians, that's somewhat understandable. It runs in the family.

Also recently, the PacSun model shared a new racy photo on Instagram with the caption "don't mean to make you feel how I was feeling."

In the photo Jenner is standing in front of Kim Kardashian's new flower wall, which she was given for Mother's Day from fiance Kanye West. It is unclear who the "you" is she refers to in the post. Jaden perhaps?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns to E! on June 8 at 9:00 p.m.

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