Kylie Jenner: Did She Drop Out of High School?

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Did Kylie Jenner drop out of high school? The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star is currently bashing a rumor that states exactly that.

"I haven't dropped out of school," she said during a recent interview with People magazine. "I still go to school every day."

While Kylie Jenner doesn't actually attend a public or private high school, she is finishing high school as a home schooled student. She has about four months of lessons left to complete before being deemed a high school graduate. A certified teacher is on hand to both teach the classes and help with homework.

Will anything change for Kylie once she receives that high school diploma?

"I want to keep doing what I do now," she said. "I love fashion ... I have a lot of interests I'm pursuing."

Big sister Kendall Jenner has made quite a career for herself as a fashion model. Might Kylie decide to follow in her footsteps?

Kylie walked the red carpet in Rosemont, Illinois on Friday night, at the grand opening of Sugar Factory American Brasserie, showing off two new "couture pops" lollipops she designed with sister Kendall--the luxuriously named "Black Diamond" and "Gray Sparkle."

Kylie Jenner and Nick Cannon were hosts for the evening's event.

Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens told People magazine that fans started lining up at 3:00 AM on Friday, and were especially excited to see Kylie Jenner.

"Jenner waved and smiled at the crowd, then went inside for a quick sip of an enormous lime-green drink topped with swirly twist lollipops, and a tiny taste of a huge ice cream sundae decorated with foot-high sparklers," the publication reports.

There is nothing unusual about Hollywood teens--especially those in the media spotlight--getting their high school education via home schooling. Kendall and Kylie Jenner at one point attended an actual high school near their Calabasas home.

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