Kyle Orton Throws Late Interception, Secures A Playoff Spot For The Eagles


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Well, the fans of the Dallas Cowboys are certainly used to last minute losses, and losing games due to interceptions.

Oddly enough, it was not Tony Romo that did it to them this time, but Kyle Orton who threw a game-ending interception.

Kyle Orton was brought in as the starting quarterback after Tony Romo suffered an injury in week 16 that was set to keep him out for the rest of the season, whether the Dallas Cowboys had made the playoffs or not.

While Kyle Orton had an impressive performance for much of the game after not starting a game for several seasons, it was not enough to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles are a team that has been playing for the playoffs continuously, and have won 7 of their last 8 games. The Cowboys lost on yet another late interception, and will not be making the playoffs again after losing the game 24-22.

After it was reported that Tony Romo was out, the Cowboys also made an interesting decision when signing the veteran Jon Kitna, who was previously retired at the age of 41. The Cowboys are seemingly out of options, and after missing the playoffs again, the may need to continue reworking their roster and their coaching staff.

This marks the third year in a row that the Cowboys have been in a position to play for the playoffs in the last game of the season, where the have subsequently lost. Ironically, it was also to a different team in the NFC East each time, sending a different team to the playoffs each year that does not include the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has plenty of experience seeing his team in this position. After the loss, he stated in a disappointing fashion, "It's unthinkable, really, to me to be sitting here three years in a row and this game ends up putting us at .500 and this game eliminates us from going to the playoffs."

The Eagles offense has been something to marvel at throughout the 2013 season with the up-and-coming quarterback play of Nick Foles, and LeSean McCoy, who continues to shine as a running back, including setting a rushing record against the Detroit Lions.

Last week, the Eagles beat the Chicago Bears in order to take control of the NFC East, despite the fact that the final game would determine which team went to the playoffs.

Despite Kyle Orton's heroic effort as Tony Romo's replacement, the Cowboys were simply not able to shut down the Eagles' offense. The late interception from Orton also sealed the game for the Eagles, and capped off another disappointing season for the Cowboys.

Kyle Orton finished the game 30 of 46 for 358 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. It was Orton's first start in two years, and while putting up fairly impressive numbers, the Cowboys never led in the game, and were unable to make the playoffs again.

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