Kristin Scott Thomas Named Dame by Queen Elizabeth

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Kristin Scott Thomas can add something besides actor to her already impressive resume. On Tuesday, December 30th, Queen Elizabeth named her a dame. The honor is to women what being knighted is to men.

Kristin Scott Thomas, who is due to play the British monarch in stage play The Audience in 2015, said at first she didn't believe the news.

"I am thrilled, astonished and worried that I might suddenly wake up," she said.

Scott Thomas received an Academy Award nomination back in 1997 for her role in The English Patient.

She wasn't the only one on Tuesday to receive such exciting news, however. Actress Joan Collins, fashion designer Mary Quant (known for designing the mini-skirt back in the 1960s), and actress Emily Watson were all named as dames. Actor John Hurt, chemist Simon Campbell (one of the inventors of the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra), and comic actor James Corden (he will soon take over on The Late Late Show for Craig Ferguson) were all named as knights.

All of the aforementioned honors are bestowed by the monarch, however they were chosen by committees of civil servants. Nominations came from both the public and the government.

Knights are hereby addressed as 'Sir,' and then the person's name--for example, Sir Simon Campbell. Dames are addressed as 'Dame,' and then their name--for example, Dame Kristin Scott Thomas.

Congratulations to Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, Dame Joan Collins, Dame Mary Quant, and Dame Emily Watson, as well as to Sir John Hurt, Sir Simon Campbell, and Sir James Corden. May they live up to the expectations of Queen Elizabeth.

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