Kristin Cavallari: What Does the Pregnant Mom Fear?

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Kristin Cavallari is expecting her third child with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The Hills alum recently admitted to a serious fear that might sound a bit unusual to some. What is it that Kristin Cavallari fears?

“I’m not going to lie to you, three kids kind of scares me!” the actress said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m going to be alone with three children a lot. But you know, we’re just going to figure it out. I’m not the first mom to do it, I’m certainly not the last.”

Already mom to two boys, Kristin Cavallari is very excited she is having a baby girl this time around.

“Everyone’s really excited. I didn’t think I would be a big pink girl, but everything [in the nursery] is pink and there’s a chandelier,” she shared. “I’m excited to have a little mini me! And I have someone I can give all of my stuff to, which is great.”

Earlier this week, Kristin Cavallari posted a beautiful photo of herself admiring her growing belly.

“It's hard to believe I will be a mom of 3 in just a few short weeks. I owe so much to my babies...they have changed me in so many ways for the better," she captioned the shot shared on Instagram.

Do you think it's a bit unusual that Kristin Cavallari fears having three children? Or is that something many moms of two kids fear?

She's getting good practice at being a single mom at the moment. Jay Cutler is in the thick of football season, meaning Kristin Cavallari is left home to tend to the children solo.

Surely if Cutler isn't home when baby makes three--kids, that is--Kristin Cavallari will likely have help in the house as she gets used to her new baby and even bigger brood.

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