Kristen Stewart Pants: Craziness Descends Upon Cannes


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Kristen Stewart's pants are so hot right now. Everywhere you turn, there's Kristen Stewart, and she's wearing pants. Why do people in the civilized world seem to care so much about the "Twilight" star's pants, you ask? Because they're so outrageous, so gosh-darned crazy. Seriously -- You can't not look at them, they're so impossibly wild. Nobody at home has pants like that in their closet, I bet. So we, the unfortunate masses, must turn to the Internet in our spare time to look at those privileged few who are obviously more fashionable than we could ever hope to be.

The actress' latest pair of wacky pants look like something conceived during a particularly vivid and, perhaps, violent acid trip with artist Jackson Pollock. The clothing in question was developed by Balenciaga, who selected Stewart to be a face for the label back in January. Since then, she's popped up in various locations around the world sporting designer pants, much to the squealing delight of people who, you know, like to stare at pants.

In other news, today is Free Slurpee Day, which means that you can get yourself a slurpee with absolutely no money down. If Stewart decides to take advantage of this stupendous holiday, I sincerely hope she doesn't get anything on those wonderful pants. Not that anyone would notice, mind you, because, after all, they are so insanely bonkers.

As it turns out, I really like typing the word pants. In fact, the entire time I've been writing this article, yours truly has been turning the word over and over inside my head. Pants. Undeniable fun. What do other folks think about Kristen Stewart's pants? You can find a selection of Twitter responses in the space below. Oh, and one more thing.



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When "Kristen Stewart's pants", "Free Slurpee Day" and "Watching Ellen" are all trending before any sports stories, you know it's a slow day
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Cute. “@usweekly: Kristen Stewart steps out at #Cannes to promote #OnTheRoad. What do you think of her yellow, printed Balenciaga pants?
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Kristen Stewart's crazy pants -- high-fashion or hideous?
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Kinda digging KStew's bedazzled pants and Brad Pitt's everything.
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Hey @kstewartnews! Check out our news on the fabulous #KristenStewart on today's @omg_NOW! We love her new pants! Hot.
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