Kristen Bell Sings Live With “Frozen” Cast In L.A.

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Did your inner child ever think it would be cool to see Aladdin, Belle, or Ariel do more than traipse around Disneyland with a smile so fake that it looked kind of painful?

Sure, they did. Our inner kids still want to see them do a full out majestic song and dance routine - and that’s just what the cast of Frozen offered fans this weekend.

On Sunday, Feb. 9, Kristen Bell (Anna’s voice), Idina Menzel (Elsa’s voice), Josh Gad (Olaf’s voice), and Santino Fontano (Hans’s voice) lit up the stage of Vibrato Grill Jazz Club in Los Angeles with several songs from the animated feature. The stars of the musical flick brought the number to life with the help of an orchestra playing alongside them that was conducted by David Metzger.

Aside from “Let It Go”, the star ensemble belted out some other ballads from the Golden Globe award-winning picture, like “Love Is an Open Door” and “In Summer.”

However, Frozen fans weren’t the only ones moved by the live Disney gig. Kristen Bell observed her husband, Dax Shepard’s enthusiasm as the show ensued, saying, “He's endlessly supportive,” before admitting, “But he cries every time he sees me sing. I think he must have cried three times tonight."

Josh Gad told USA Today, “We take for granted since so many people have seen the movie that we have never actually seen these songs performed live — in any venue, in any capacity,” following the show. He went on to say, “But we performed these songs for an audience tonight. It was a thrill.”

In addition to the big names behind the voices, the actual songwriters, directors, producers, and the composer, joined in on the event. The only voice missing from the star lineup was the one belonging to Jonathan Groff (Kristoff).

Gad joked about Groff’s, absence, saying it was “not because he sings the only Disney song with no beginning, middle or end,” before adding that he was actually ill.

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