Kristen Bell, Jeff Bridges And Benedict Cumberbatch Read Mean Tweets Live On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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Kristen Bell read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and she handled the awful tweets as well (adorably) and we could have imagined.

The 35-year-old actress was invited to join Jeff Bridges and Benedict Cumberbatch in participating in the now-famous segment called Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. However, Kimmel made a tiny modification to the usual format and the result was hilarious. "Twitter has made it easy for famous people to interact directly with their fans, which is nice," Kimmel elaborated. "But it also makes it easy for people to tell you how much they hate you, and with that said, we're going to do something new this week." Instead of showing a video footage of celebrities reading dreadful tweets, Bell and the rest were asked to read the tweets live on the show! One user called Bridges "a crazy f--- and not in a cool way, just in a disturbed hobo shouting at sparrows and sidewalks way.” "Very interesting critique," 65-year-old Bridges responded to his Tweeter. "I will take that to heart." Bell was next and seemed quite surprised after reading a demeaning missive. The tweeter called her “a bitch” and added a not-so-funny joke comparing her genitalia to Alcatraz. The actress just smiled before the camera, winked, and walked away. British actor Benedict Cumberbatch read the remaining mean tweets for the night. He laughed while reading the tweet of someone who firmly believed the actor was not attractive enough. "If you find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive, I'm guessing you'd also quite enjoy staring directly at a cat's anus," the actor read, giggling. Cumberbatch was visibly caught off guard by the tweet, but managed to give a strong comeback: "Well someone did, and she put a ring on it." 

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