Kristen Bell is Stinkin' Amazing: Watch This

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Kristen Bell can add another accolade to her list of credentials — flat-out amazing.

Most people were pretty surprised when they learned that Bell was the voice behind the lead character, Anna, in the Disney mega-hit Frozen.

Any lingering questions over whether the 33-year-old actress can really sing have been annihilated after her recent live performance of Do You Want to Build a Snowman. She not only sings the dang song, she sings it in three different voices.

If you remember, while singing the song in the film, Anna begins as a little girl trying to win over her increasingly distant sister, Elsa, played by Adele Dazeem — sorry, Idina Menzel — and is shown growing into young adulthood by the end of the song.

And so she sings it just like in the movie – from a squeaky 5-year-old, to a tween and finally a heartbroken young adult — it is beyond impressive.

"I've wanted to be a Disney princess since I was five years old!" Bell says to the crowd before the song.

"Disney animation was so important to me, but what's even more special is that I was able to help shape a type of heroine that I wanted to see that I would identify with when I was 5 to 10 years old," she said. "I feel like I'm so, so proud of Anna because of all those things and her ability to believe in people even when they stop believing in themselves is very apparent."

During the same performance, Bell sang with co-star Santino Fontana, who lent his voice to the character, Hans, in the film.

Frozen recently entered into the record books as the most successful animated film of all time with over $1 billion in global box office.

Stinkin' amazing, right?

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Pam Wright