Kristen Bell Heads Back To 'Mars'

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After more than six years, Kristen Bell has returned to the fictitious town of Neptune, CA as Veronica Mars.

However, this time, she's going to the big screen!

The 33-year-old actress is starring in the highly anticipated film adaptation of the popular Veronica Mars television series, which went off the air back in May of 2007. The film picks up as a continuation of the series years after she's walked away from her past as a teenage private eye.

The immense loyalty of the show's fan base is what prompted the series screenwriter Rob Thomas to launch a campaign on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter back in 2013. The campaign was developed in effort to raise funds for the production of the film.

Thomas sought approximately $2 million in donations through the site, which works to help bring big creative projects to fruition. The campaign didn't just meet the goal within 24 hours, but far exceeded expectations with fans donating a record-breaking $5.7 million.


According to ABC News, Bell stopped by Good Morning America on Tues. Mar. 11. During the interview, she expressed her gratitude of the fans' support.

“It’s the best,” Bell said of her fans that banned together in an effort to help bring the film to life. “I’ve wanted to make a movie since the day the show was cancelled. And I always felt, for some weird reason in my bones, that it would happen."

“And I hate to say, ‘I told you so,’” she quipped, “but I did know it.”

While the level of fan support may not have been too surprising for Bell, she did express that she was "floored" by the dominance of social media in the development of the Veronica Mars film.

“Our fans have always been unbelievable and we knew that, but I think they proved that to the world,” she said. “I thought we could make our goal in a month, but I had no idea they would triple the goal within the month. I had no idea that the fans wanted it that badly and we’re ultimately flattered to be involved in this project that so many people want to see.”

The neo-noir mystery drama film version of Veronica Mars hits theaters nationwide Friday, Mar. 14.

Image via Veronica Mars, Facebook
Image via Veronica Mars Movie, Facebook

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