Kris Jenner: Trying To Be Like Her Daughters?

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Kris Jenner isn't the average mother and she doesn't do things that the average mother would do.

To say that Kris Jenner is living vicariously through her daughters is an understatement.

She has shaped and molded her daughters to be exactly how and what she wants them to be and she has done everything from tell them who they should and shouldn't marry to advising them to pose nude for magazines.

Kim Kardashian has even said that she feels as if her mom is competing with her and her sisters and trying to keep up with them.

This became apparent when Kim posted a couple of bikini photos on Instagram.

Just moments after Kim posted her photos, Kris posted one of herself in a bikini.

Kris tried even more to be like her daughters on the recent season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kim attended a pole dancing class where she hoped to learn a few new tricks. While Kim appeared to be pretty graceful on the pole, her mother Kris also tagged along and didn't do as well.

Kris also decided that she couldn't let her daughters get all of the attention in terms of nudity and racy photos. On the show, all three of the Kardashian sisters walked in on their mother during a photo shoot, She was wearing a see-through bikini and positioned in awkward poses.

While Kris may think that she is just having fun with her daughters, it doesn't seem like they enjoy their mother's crazy ways as much as she does. Kim has said on several occasions that she gets irritated and annoyed by how much her mother tries to copy her.

Kris's two younger daughters are just now noticing how competitive and controlling Kris can be. Kendall Jenner was recently offered a centerfold deal for Playboy magazine and while she claims to still be considering the deal, it is rumored that Kris is pushing her to do it.

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