Kris Jenner Talks Marriage and Divorce

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Now that Kris Jenner has officially filed for divorce of husband Bruce Jenner, the world wants to know what happened to make their marriage fall apart. When the couple separated in October 2013, most of their fans assumed that they would eventually get back together and probably just needed some time a part.

Even though they were separated, Kris and Bruce remained friends and insisted that they would always be a close family. During a recent interview on Beyond Candid with Giuliana, Kris said that things haven't changed and she and Bruce are still very close and always will be.

“I love so hard. Like if I fall in love with you, whether it’s my girlfriends or my kids. The people in my life, I just love really hard," she said, according to UPI.

She went on to say that Bruce helped make her and her daughters successful and said that their relationship was not bad by any means. She explained how they supported each other over the years and said that although Bruce didn't always agree with some of the things she did, he was always supportive. She in turn offered her support to him, especially when he decided he wanted to become a motivational speaker.

“I felt like, nobody was tapping into his talent and his fantastic ability to really motivate an entire crowd of people,” Kris said.

“So we would, you know, hand make these PR kits and we would hand-deliver it to everybody we could think of and mail it to speakers bureaus around the country and we sat back and waited for the phone to ring and the phone rang.”

Although Kris and Bruce are divorcing, they are doing it gracefully and have agreed to split custody of their youngest daughter Kylie and divide their assets and money.

“It’s been such a great ride,” Kris said of the marriage.

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