Kris Jenner Humiliated By Rumors That Her Marriage To Bruce Jenner Was Fake

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The recent news about Bruce Jenner’s transition from man to becoming a woman has brought great stress to hardworking momager, Kris Jenner. Sources are saying that Kris feels that everyone is laughing at her situation, bringing her spirits more down than ever.

Last week, Bruce’s mother Esther Jenner went public about the transition and his decision is heartbreaking for Kris. “Kris still maintains that they had a great marriage for a long time and it breaks her heart that people must now think that the whole thing was a sham,” a close friend said.

Kris married the former Olympian back in April 1991 and the couple had two daughters together. The two eventually announced their separation back in October 2013 and the divorce is slated to be finalized next month.

Reports are saying that Kris is still in “complete denial” over Bruce’s decision to transition. “She doesn’t talk about it at all and refuses to knowledge it,” a source told Us Weekly. Bruce now reportedly wears women’s clothing and goes by a new female name that Kris refuses to use.

In her exclusive interview with LOVE Magazine, Kris talked about the split saying that she remains good friends with Bruce. “In life, you realize on some level that you’re happier living apart that you are together and that’s what happened with us. We just grew apart.” When asked about the transitioning rumors, the feisty 59-year-old simply replied, “I’m not even answering that. It’s just dumb.”

Bruce remains silent about the rumors that are surrounding him. All is believed to be revealed in the premiere of his upcoming docu-series that would chronicle his journey from man to woman. Over the weekend, he was involved in a fatal car crash in Los Angeles that killed one motorist after the paparazzi allegedly chased him. The LA County Sheriff’s Department however is saying that there’s no indication that the paparazzi was involved in the crash.

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