Kris Jenner Reportedly Asked To Step Down As Kendall Jenner's Manager


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Kris Jenner has been the "momager" of her six children since the beginning of their careers in reality TV.

Now, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star may reportedly be asked to step down as Kendall Jenner's manager. But, that's not all!

According to Yahoo! News, a source close to the 18-year-old model revealed she's looking to distance herself from the Kardashian brand in an effort to develop her own identity.

Kendall is also reportedly considering a move to Paris to further her modeling career.

"She's moved out of the family home into her own LA apartment. With [sister] Kim [Kardashian West] and Kanye [West] living there, everything felt too crazy and she's keen to scale back her involvement in the reality show," the source revealed.

"She's thought to be considering a move to Paris, and there are whispers Kris may be asked to step down as her manager."

Although the rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, Kendall has actually admitted she asked her sister, Kim, not to attend her fashion shows. The source went on to explain how Kendall feels about Kim's "attention-seeking antics."

"Kendall loves Kim but feels uncomfortable with the fanfare that accompanies her," the source explained.

"She wants to be accepted by the industry on her own terms, which is impossible when Kim and Kanye are arriving in headline-grabbing outfits. Kim means the world to Kendall, and vice versa, but they increasingly belong in different worlds."

Although Kim and Kanye are definitely known for making headlines, Kendall has also been a big topic of discussion since her stellar performance at Paris Fashion Week.

She has received rave reviews from some of the biggest names in fashion. However, modeling isn't the only reason she's making headlines. Several media outlets have also been keeping close tabs on her love life.

Although she previously dated One Direction's Harry Styles and has been linked to Justin Bieber, she insists she has no desire for a cele