Kris Jenner and Selena Gomez Talk Anti-Bullying

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Kris Jenner and Selena Gomez shared a ride home from LAX after returning from Paris earlier this week, and that could have made for a very stilted conversation. Selena actually offered Kris the ride. Since Selena sort of distanced herself from both of Kris's daughters--Kylie and Kendall Jenner--following a Coachella incident--she could have held a grudge and blown off the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch. Instead, Hollywood Life reports that the two had a rather meaningful conversation during that ride.

“Selena spoke to Kris about her passion for spreading awareness about bully prevention and her desire to make a difference. October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Kris told Selena that she would help her with her cause and thanked her for her efforts to raise awareness,” an source told the publication. “Kris was really sweet to Selena and acted very motherly."

Kris Jenner was true to her word, too. On Friday she tweeted and posted an important anti-bullying message to Instagram, as she promised Selena Gomez she would.


Everyone go to to join Speak Up Week! #ISpeakUp

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Selena Gomez encouraged her fans and followers to participate in a new anti-bullying campaign.

It's a wonder Selena didn't bend Kris Jenner's ear with her upset over Justin Bieber having dinner with Kendall Jenner during their trip to Paris.

“Justin explained to Selena that he ‘had’ to have a business meeting with Kendall and that the only time they could both meet was at dinner. He actually told her about the dinner meeting before they arrived in Paris and Selena was infuriated,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She’s outraged that Justin did this to her, and on top of it in the most romantic city in the world. Not to mention for the whole world to see making her look like a desperate fool.”

It took integrity and grace to keep her topic of conversation on something far more positive while riding with Kris Jenner, and for Selena not to whine about something that involved Kris's daughter.

Kudos to both Kris Jenner and Selena Gomez for their efforts in the campaign to stop bullying.

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