Kordell Stewart Retires as a Pittsburgh Steeler


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Kordell Stewart, who left the NFL seven years ago, has finally decided to retire on an official level. The decision to put some much-needed finality to his days as a professional football player came after his father passed away in March of 2011. Stewart apparently wanted some closure, so he set pen to paper, which officially put his NFL days in the rear-view mirror. Not content to retire as a member of the Baltimore Ravens, Stewart returned to Pittsburgh to sign a "one-day" contract that would allow him to ride off into the sunset as a Steeler.

Chosen as a second round draft pick in 1995, Kordell quickly built a reputation as a jack of all trades, splitting his time on the field between wide receiver, quarterback, running back, returner, and, on occasion, punter. This eventually earned him the nickname "Slash". It wasn't until 1997 that he took on the role of QB in a full-time capacity.

Stewart's history with the franchise has been turbulent. Although he helped lead the team to an AFC championship, he soon discovered that past glories don't mean much to fans when you can't perform in the present. After a few rough seasons and some misplaced fan rage that resulted in a few death threats, Kordell bid farewell to Pittsburgh and signed on for one years with the Chicago Bears. The 2004-2005 season found Stewart playing for the Baltimore Ravens, which marked the end of the the big guy's career.

What have the folks on Twitter thought of the announcement? Truthfully, they haven't been too nice. Then again, what do you really expect from the world of social networking? If they're not making fun of someone, chances are they're making fun of you. I sincerely hope he enjoys the closure, as the price seems to be unchecked Internet-based ridicule. Have a look at some responses below.

News: Kordell Stewart officially retires as a Steeler. Views: And in a related story, I graduated from Oswego High School in 1977.
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Kordell Stewart just retired! He hadnt played in a game since 2003! Breaking News: I have officially retired from Loyola High School!
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Kordell Stewart announced his #NFL retirement... following a 7 year hiatus from the league. Guess we can now end the comeback speculation.
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Kordell Stewart retirement announcement was almost as late as his passes were on timing routes
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Kordell Stewart is gonna retire today.What a shock, thought dude retired years ago.Best black Frankenstein impressionist in Steelers history
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