Kony 2012 Jason Russell: Retro Footage


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A half-naked man running through the streets of San Diego was detained by police who found him to be in some sort of mental distress brought on by exhaustion, dehydration and whatever else. This just after a crazy viral video about taking action against an evil warlord, Joseph Kony, demanding we take military action. What's next?

All these crazy events have to be leading up to something else, don't they? It seems like part of a well-written television drama about an inspiring young activists rise to success. In fact, there's even claims that the not-for-profit charity related to Kony isn't handling the funds appropriately. It really does sound like a well-orchestrated drama. But, what is missing? Oh yes, the humble beginnings.

I found this ridiculous performance from our favorite stars while searching for more information on Jason Russell. I believe it will be a nice flashback segment for the "behind the scenes" movie of the Kony 2012 drama.

Check out their masterful acting in the following video: