Komen Controversy: Twitter Responses to the Latest News

Mike TuttleSocial Media

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When the Komen Foundation cut funding to Planned Parenthood, things got ugly. Protests flared up online, particularly by people who had supported the Komen efforts and felt they were suddenly being politicized.

Komen's work had always crossed party lines, gender lines, etc. and united people under a pink banner of solidarity for a cause. No matter what party you belong to, you can join a 5K to beat breast cancer. Most folks were irate that suddenly, it seemed that there was a political undercurrent to the decision. The reaction was so swift that the folks at Komen were put back on their heels.

Then, Komen reinstated funding to Planned Parenthood. And the protestors rejoiced.

But, some people are reading the fine print, and are not quite celebrating.

Mike Tuttle
Writer. Google+ Writer for WebProNews.