Kodak Announces Shutterfly Takeover

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Last month, camera and film giant Kodak announced Shutterfly would be buying out their online gallery for $24 million, and today sent out a press release regarding the acquisition and what it will mean for users.

The Kodak Gallery is important for users of their products, as it houses images and stores them online for free; many were worried a move as big as this would affect their accounts. But Shutterfly insists there will be no big changes and that they will work hard to make sure each and every photo--more than five billion--is transferred safely to their site.

“I am thrilled to welcome millions of Kodak Gallery customers to the Shutterfly family. Our priority is to ensure every photo gets safely and securely transferred to Shutterfly,” said Shutterfly president Jeffrey Housenbold. “We promise to make the transfer process very easy for customers and will communicate our progress every step of the way. I want to thank Kodak Gallery customers for trusting Shutterfly with their precious photos and look forward to helping them enhance the way they share and preserve memories.”

The acquisition comes after Kodak announced they are filing for bankruptcy and will halt production of their camera lines; the company was unable to keep up with the digital demands of customers and has seen a sharp decline in sales over the years. The Shutterfly deal is part of their attempt to keep from hemorrhaging money as they move towards home-printing products and business solutions.

Kodak said about Shutterfly:

"Their services include free, unlimited storage and 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Working together, we will securely transfer your account photos to them free of charge. We are absolutely committed to making this transition as smooth and easy as possible."

Customers have until May 28th to opt out of linking their Kodak account to a Shutterfly account; after that date, they can either link accounts or Shutterfly will automatically start shuttling images over to their site.

Amanda Crum
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