Knee Pain Sufferers Have New Treatment Option


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If you suffer from knee pain, you may be desperate for relief. There are numerous over the counter medications that can help reduce the pain and if they aren't strong enough, a prescription may be necessary. For some people, even prescription pain medications are not enough and they find themselves dealing with the pain on a daily basis or undergoing surgery.

If you are suffering from knee pain and have run out of treatment options and want to avoid surgery, you may want to try a new treatment called AposTherapy. AposTherapy involves using a computer program and some tests to determine how the person suffering from the knee pain walks. Once the person’s gait has been determined, physical therapists will install Apos devices in the patient's shoes in the appropriate location.

The Apos devices help correct the person's irregular gait and can realign the spine, hips and knees and relieve pain. The shoes are worn for an hour a day and the person wearing them should try to walk for at least 15 minutes. After a few months, the muscles learn to correct the person's gait on their own and they can stop wearing the devices. Once the muscles realign, they stop putting so much pressure on the joints and the pain stops.

“We aim to offload the painful areas in the knee and in the back through the chain of the joints, and to retrain the muscles to stabilize the knee, the back, the hip, the whole chain of joints, and in that manner to reduce the pain,” AposTherapy chief executive officer Amit Mor explained.

While the devices are effective, they are also expensive and not yet covered by insurance. A year’s treatment can cost as much as $5,000. Many people who suffer from knee pain and want to avoid surgery are happy to spend the money on AposTherapy if it means relief.

Would you like to try the device or do you think it is too expensive?

Images via Wikimedia Commons and YouTube