Kmart Returns To "Ship My Pants" Just In Time For The Holidays

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Earlier this year, Kmart surprised everyone with a new advertising campaign called "Ship my pants." I won't go into detail as you presumably know about the infamous, and frankly wonderful, advertising campaign already. What's important today is that the same ad is back, but with a decidedly more festive twist.

Kmart introduced the world to a new ad today called "Ship My Trousers." I don't want to spoil anything, but here's the official description:

A brand new Christmas classic from Kmart. Ship My Pants meets Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Sure to be a holiday favorite for the ages.

With this latest holiday ad from Kmart, we can make two observations. The first is that the "ship my ____" joke is still funny. The second is that Kmart is absolutely killing it this holiday season with its advertising. It all started with the Mistlefinger - a creepy, yet heartwarming, tale of a disembodied finger that hangs from the ceiling and buys presents for the kids. The second - "Show your Joe" - received a lot of negative backlash for a rather innocuous rendition of Jingle Bells. It's like those people had never seen See Spot Run.

It doesn't matter if you find it offensive or funny though as these ads are doing their job. We're talking about them and so are you. Kmart as a brand is entering the public consciousness after what feels like years of obscurity in the shadow of bigger rivals like Walmart, Target and Myers. While I don't see myself shopping at Kmart anytime soon, these ads may just be enough to at least get people shopping at Kmart's online store.

[Image: Kmart/YouTube]

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