Kirsten Dunst: Doing TV Was So Hard I Didn't Want To Go Back

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Kirsten Dunst has done film. Kirsten Dunst has done television. Kirsten Dunst says television is harder.

Kirsten Dunst is in the second season of the hit television series Fargo, based on the world created by the Coen Brothers for the film of the same name. Dunst plays Peggy Blomquist alongside Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, and Jesse Plemons.

"TV is a lot harder than film," Dunst told Town & Country. "A lot harder. When I got the part, my friend Lizzy Caplan, who's on Masters of Sex, said, 'Be sure to get B12 shots to get you through the week.' I was like, 'Really? That sounds very dramatic, Lizzie.' By the third week I was all over the B12. It was one of the best roles I've ever played -- the writing is spectacular – but by the end I was tapped out."

One of the toughest parts of TV for Kirsten Dunst was changing directors between episodes.

"Every two weeks you get a new director," Dunst explains, "and they each have their own way of doing things. You get used to one person style, and then they switch it up on you. It's natural that you vibe with some more than others. Only TV moves much faster than film. And Peggy talks so fast that every night I felt like I was cramming for an exam."

When Dunst would go home between shoot schedules, she would feel so stressed she didn't want to go back.

"I remember crying to my mom, 'I don't want to go back there! Don't make me!'"

But Kirsten Dunst really likes her character Peggy Blomquist.

"She is very much like me at my craziest, my mother at her craziest, my grandma at her craziest. I could really combine the nutsiest parts of the women in my family. Some of the things he would say, how she said them – I had a lot of that inside me already."

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