Kira Kosarin On Being 18 And Ready To Move On With Her Career

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Kira Kosarin is undoubtedly still riding high after her show, The Thundermans, won big at this weekend's Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

The show, which stars Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo and Diego Velazquez among others, has been immensely popular among kids for a few years now, but Kira Kosarin is ready to make her next career move now that she's 18.

Kira Kosarin said of her next step, “Who knows. I’m definitely open. I would love to do some more dramatic work in film and such, but I also love comedy and would be so happy to continue working in sitcom. I’m also definitely getting more and more into improv, so I’d love to start performing with a troupe soon.”

I know I've posted WAY too many pics already but last night was the coolest night of my life so I'm sorry #KCA

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Kira Kosarin also spoke of her time on The Thundermans.

She said, “So much has changed. I completely grew up on that set. I was only 14 when I booked the show and there were so many experiences I’d never had. Now I’m 18 and have gotten to travel the world, do my dream job, and develop an incredibly close relationship with a second family."

Yep. It was. It was definitely a dream. #KCA

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She added, "I think I’ve also changed in a lot of ways just due to time that’s passed. During the three plus years working on Thundermans, I had my first kiss, graduated high school, got in my first serious relationship, got into college, and traveled to five different countries. It’s been the most amazing experience and I will always be grateful.”

What do you think Kira Kosarin will do next?

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