King Cake Baby Back As Pelicans Mascot


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Ah Mardi Gras, where you get beads for lifting up your shirt and eat a cake in hopes to find a tiny plastic baby that some consider good luck. (You also drink, go to a parade, and do other things, but that isn't what this is about.)

Because the King Cake baby is such a fixture of Mardi Gras and New Orleans it's no surprise that the New Orleans Pelicans have a King Cake baby mascot that comes out during Mardi Gras.

Thank the LORD this thing only comes around once a year. This guy is what your nightmares are made of. I mean, he is supposed to represent the baby Jesus, but he looks more like a long lost relative of the demented Chucky doll (which is what my nightmares are still made of).

After seeing the King Cake baby for the first time, many took to Twitter to share their horror.

The King Cake baby mascot isn't the only Mardi Gras themed mascot the Pelicans bring out this time of year. They also have the King and the Jester.

The King Cake baby mascot has become so popular he even has his own Twitter account. His first post tried to prepare us all.

One man can't believe the King Cake Baby is such a fixture in the news right now since it has been around for years.

While the King Cake baby may scare some, one lady has no problem with the mascot.

Image via Craig Ackerman, Twitter.