Kindle Upgrades to Wi-fi Downloading of Audiobooks

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The old corded method of getting audiobooks onto your Kindle is now a thing of the past.  Today on the Kindle blog, Amazon announced that readers (and listeners) can now directly downloaded audiobooks from via wi-fi connection., bought by Amazon in 2008, is a leading provider in audiobooks for your Kindle, tablet or smartphone.  Before now, in order to get their audiobooks onto your Kindle you had to download the file and transfer is by USB cable from your computer to your kindle.  The new Kindle now allows you to download the files straight to your device.  You can of course use the old method if you please.  Luddite.

If you don't know how it works, runs on plans either paid monthly or yearly.  Gold plans give you one credit for an audiobook per month and platinum plans give you two credits.  Additional books are 30% off.  Right now, the Kindle blog reports that they are having a promotional 30-day trial with two free audiobooks included.

According to the blog over 50,000 titles are available for download, including:

Hear Donald Sutherland breathe life into The Old Man and the Sea; Listen to Frank Brady recount the remarkable arc of Bobby Fischer's life in Endgame; Kathryn Stockett's The Help is illuminated by three different narrators who portray the maids and the white families they toil for in 1960s Mississippi.

Makes sense, as Donald Sutherland is looking more and more like Hemingway every day.  Does this sound good, guys?  Or would you rather keep your audiobooks on devices that are small enough to fit into your pocket?

Josh Wolford
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