Kindle Touch Gets Handwriting Recognition

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The Kindle Touch just got a new functionality - handwriting recognition.

Puzzazz, a developer of puzzle games for Kindle devices, announced their new game yesterday. Sudoku Unbound #3 for the Kindle Touch introduces TouchWrite technology for the device that allows users to write with their fingers.

The product page explains the new tech:

Place your finger anywhere in the box you want to enter the number and write it as large as you want. TouchWrite will read your writing and enter the number for you.

It’s worth noting that the game is available for all Kindle devices, but it’s most interesting for Kindle Touch for the aforementioned use of handwriting recognition software. This is the first time the technology has appeared on the Kindle Touch.

Speaking to Geek Wire, Puzzazz founder Roy Leban said that they built the TouchWrite technology as a way to improve the use of e-books.

Leban was silent, however, when asked if Amazon was going to implement their software across all apps for the Kindle Touch. They will, however, implement the software into all future puzzle e-books from Puzzazz.

If Amazon was smart, and I know they are, they would license this software for all future apps on the Kindle Touch. Being able to directly interact and write notes on an e-book on a Kindle Touch would definitely help Amazon further compete with Apple’s iPad.