Kindle Update Improves Contrast and Parental Controls

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Amazon has announced a software update for the $79 kindle, the most affordable and the most purchased of the Kindle line. The changes are said to improve the reading experience with the device.

The update will be delivery automatically with the devices wi-fi connectivity the same way that new ads are delivered.

  • The reading font will be improved, offering higher contrast and a crisper image. This update will make the screen appear even closer to its non-electronic counterpart - paper.
  • Parental Controls are getting a reboot. They will allow you to restrict access to the Experimental Browser, Archived Items, and the Kindle Store. As well as protecting young ones, it offers more security.
  • Kindle Format 8 will be introduced, allowing the user to view books with complex page layouts and formats. This software is already available for the Kindle Fire, but it is still in Beta.
  • New children's book formats and Text Pop-up comic books will be introduced and you will be able to view them with Kindle Panel View. This new format allows the reader to view a comic panel by panel. Books must be formatted to support these views and Amazon will begin rolling them out over the next few weeks.
  • Dictionaries will be grouped into a single collection in Home.
  • It will now support table and image viewing with pan and zoom features on supported titles

The Kindle will update itself automatically, but for those who can't wait to try it out, go to the Kindle software update page here. You can also view trouble shooting tips if something goes wrong.


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