Kindle Fire Is Now Available At GameStop

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When you think of GameStop, you generally think of console titles lining the walls and 8,000 copies of Madden NFL 08 going for $1.99 each. The gaming retail giant has changed its image over the past year, however, to a store that peddles all gaming devices, including Android and iOS tablets. Now the store has earned a powerful partner in Amazon.

GameStop announced today that it's now an official retailer for Amazon's insanely popular Kindle Fire tablets. The games retailer will sell the updated Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch. As an added incentive, those who purchase a Kindle Fire from GameStop will get a $25 Amazon gift card.

“Android tablets are topping many holiday lists, so it’s the perfect time to add Kindle Fire to GameStop’s mobile electronics selection,” said Joe Gorman, vice president of mobile at GameStop. “And with customers able to trade old video games, devices and more toward the purchase of new products, including Kindle Fire, we’re making it easier than ever for customers to get the holiday gifts they want.”

In a year where tablets are topping wish lists for kids and adults, GameStop has to capitalize on the holiday rush for said devices. The Kindle Fire is one of the more accessible and cheaper tablets that folks can buy, and the quality of games on the Kindle Fire rivals that of other platforms.

The Kindle Fire joins GameStop's large portfolio of Android tablets the retailer offers. The most notable being the Nexus 7 from Google. GameStop offers five free games with purchase so the decision may come down to getting five quality games or a $25 gift card that can be used on more than just games as Amazon's digital storefront offers quite a bit in the way of music and movies.

On a final note, GameStop is also kicking off its trade in program for Kindle Fire devices today. The retailer is offering $100 in-store credit for any original Kindle Fire traded in. It's a limited time special offer only for the original Kindle Fire as the retailer is only offering $85 for a Kindle Fire HD.