Kindle Fire HDX Ships Today, 16/32GB Models Already Backordered

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Late last month, Amazon announced its next generation of Kindle Fire tablets - the Kindle Fire HDX. Much like the new Nexus 7, the new Kindle Fire HDX sports a higher resolution than its predecessor and some blazing fast specs. Now it's available to order, but you might have to wait a bit to get yours.

Amazon announced that the Kindle Fire HDX is now shipping to those who preordered the tablet. You can also purchase the tablet now, but the 16GB and 32GB variants are backordered until October 25. It's not that long of a wait, but it still speaks volumes of the Kindle Fire's popularity.

“With a beautiful 323 ppi perfect-color HDX display, 3x the processing power, 2x the memory, 4x the graphics performance, and Fire OS 3.0, we think customers are going to love the new Kindle Fire HDX,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “We can’t wait to get this tablet into our customers’ hands.”

So, what makes the Kindle Fire HDX so special compared to other similar tablets on the market? For one, it will probably be the most powerful 7-inch tablet for the foreseeable future. Whereas Google opted to use the older Snapdragon S4 Pro in its new Nexus 7, Amazon equipped its tablet with the brand new Snapdragon 800 CPU.

Outside of specs, the Kindle Fire HDX also has a leg up on the competition with its new Mayday button. When pressed, an Amazon tech support technician will pop up on your screen and walk you through whatever problem you may be facing. They can even take limited control of your tablet to show you exactly where any function or app may be. The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year and it's absolutely free.

As I mentioned above, the Kindle Fire HDX is currently backordered until October 25, but that only applies to the 16 and 32GB models. The 64GB model, which retails for $309, is still available and even eligible for Saturday delivery if you order within the next 8 hours.

Of course, the Kindle Fire HDX isn't the only new tablet from Amazon this year. The retailer will also be releasing the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" on November 7. The 16GB model will retail for $379 whereas the 64GB model will retail for $479.

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