Kindle Fire 2 Leaked Pic Hits the Web

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When Amazon announced this morning that the Kindle Fire had sold out, it was clear they were happy to be hinting at the impending announcement of the Kindle Fire 2 on September 6th. Now the leaks have begun, meaning that many of the rumors Amazon will neither confirm nor deny will soon be replaced by facts.

The Verge has obtained what it claims is a picture of the next Kindle Fire. Seen above, the device seems to have more rounded corners than the original Kindle Fire, but a similar interface. The device also appears to have a front-facing camera, meaning video calling might soon be possible on a Kindle. Not much else can be discerned by the picture, though The Verge states it has seen another picture that shows a "streamlined user interface with less 'chrome.'" That publication said it has been asked not to publish the second photo.

All of this speculation will be cleared up next week as Amazon announces the next Kindle Fire. And in addition to that device, it is rumored that a 10-inch Kindle Fire, a new Kindle Touch, and even a Kindle smartphone are possible announcements for next week's Amazon event. Pricing rumors for these devices have not cropped up, though it's likely that the new 7-inch Kindle Fire will stay near the current one's $200 price.

(Photo courtesy The Verge)