Kindle Did Pretty Well For Itself Over The Weekend

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Amazon has an advantage as an online retail giant - the company can participate in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sure, other companies do as well, but Amazon had great deals going up all the time over the weekend and well into the night on Monday evening. There must have been thousands of TVs, smartphones and other devices sold over the weekend, but the biggest winner was definitely the Kindle.

Over the past weekend, the Kindle family saw its best weekend ever as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales catapulted the device to the top of the charts. The devices are still sitting atop the worldwide best sellers list, and the Kindle Fire HD is leading the pack.

The Kindle family of products did well on Black Friday, but Cyber Monday is where things really took off. That's more or less thanks to the Kindle Fire being dropped to $129 for one day. The deal was advertised on Amazon's front page, and customers responded by making it the "biggest Cyber Monday deal ever for"

The Kindle Fire HD is also doing pretty well for itself. Amazon says that the device has been the most gifted and most wished for product on since the device's launch. The tablet will most assuredly be added to more wish lists as the nation moves closer to the holiday season.

“Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fires have held the top 4 spots on the Amazon worldwide best sellers list since launch, and that was before the busiest shopping weekend of the year,” said Dave Limp, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “We’re excited that customers made this Black Friday and Cyber Monday the best ever for Kindle worldwide—Cyber Monday was the biggest day ever for Kindle sales, and we’re looking forward to millions of customers opening a new Kindle this holiday season.”

Amazon made no distinction between sales of the Kindle Fire HD and its bigger sibling, but I'm sure we'll see a breakdown at the company's next quarterly results. It will be interesting to see if the larger Kindle is more popular than its 7-inch counterpart.