Kim Yo-Jong, Sister Of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Makes First Official Appearance On Election Day

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Election Day was a family affair for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Along with his escort of party and military officials, Kim Jong-un brought along his younger sister Kim Yo-jong to the polling station for the socialist nation’s quinquennial elections.

The state-run television network showed images of Kim Yo-jong trailing her brother’s group en route to the polling station at the capital’s Kim Il-sung University of Politics. Another image showed Kim Yo-jong in the act of casting her ballot.

This may be Kim Yo-jong’s official debut, but it is not the first time she has been in public with her brother. In 2011, she was present at the funeral of her father and former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, which was televised. Kim Yo-jong has also been seen accompanying her brother during his local and overseas trips.

Kim Yo-jong, who is believed to be 26 years old, is the youngest sister of the current North Korean dictator and the youngest daughter of the late Kim Jong-il. During her recent appearance, she donned a black suit and skirt, and was listed as a senior government official, although the exact position was not specified.

In 2012, Kim Yo-jong was seen on television riding a white steed with her aunt and Kim Jong-il’s sister Kim Kyong-hui. The elder female Kim, who has the rank of a four-star general, was very active in North Korean politics before she reportedly fell ill.

North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA reported a unanimous victory with zero abstention for Kim Jong-un. The agency claims that “all voters of the constituency participated in the voting process” and that 100 percent of them chose Kim Jong-un. The North Korean ballot contained only one name – Kim Jong-un’s – and voters were required to write down “Yes” or “No” on the paper.

Image via South China Morning Post

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