Kim Raver on Her '24' Character Post-Coma

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Kim Raver – a.k.a Audrey Raines Boudreau on the TV show 24said in an interview with Fox 24 Denver Wednesday that even though she has been with the show since Season 4, the latest scripts leave her completely surprised.

Raver once again plays Audrey in the one-off season event of 24:Live Another Day. In the season's premier, Audrey wakes up from a traumatic coma suffered in the mini-series to find she is now married to Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau, played by Tate Donovan. She continues to be clueless about the marriage in the season premiere because Mark decides to keep it a secret from Audrey and her father (now the President), believing the revelation would be too traumatic for them.

“She’s kind of finding her voice. Especially with that twist, that Jack (Keifer Sutherland) is back and ‘how could you not tell me?’… So… I really find that Audrey is kind of coming back as well,” said Raver.

24:Live Another Day departs from the original format in that the 24 hours is shown in just 12 episodes, with only certain hours depicted.

Needless to say, the show will have twists and turns that even Raver finds surprising. The show is still being filmed for upcoming episodes and the Grey's Anatomy actress has had a chance to see the upcoming plot twists in working scripts.

"She's been through so much and at the top of the season she has a quieter voice because of the damage she's experienced," Raver said. "But what's exciting is that she finds her voice and it's interesting to find out why and how and to see her start to evolve from there."

“I know some of the secrets, and then literally some I don’t. I literally gasped out loud," said Raver. "The writers are so good that they create moments where, you know, it’s still a page turner."

And even though her character is married to Boudreau, Raver says she still hopes Audrey and Jack somehow find each other.

"I'm a hopeless romantic so I want them to be together forever and ever," said Raver. "There's something very fundamentally romantic about these two damaged people who deserve to be together."

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