Kim Novak's Face Is The Talk Of The Oscars

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Kim Novak, 81, was one of the many celebrities to serve as a presenter for this year's annual Academy Awards on March 2.

When she took the stage with Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey to present the award for Best Animated Feature, fans were shocked at what they saw, and took to Twitter, and other social media sites, to voice their opinions on Novak's new look.

Novak, best known for her role in the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock classic film Vertigo, seemed to have an unusually stiff face, and even had trouble speaking. Coincidentally, the animate feature, that won the award, was Frozen, which gave viewers a good lead for some cruel jokes.

"Did they know that Frozen was going to win so they paired it up with Kim Novac's face?" one user tweeted. "Kim Novac looks like the Joker and sounds like batman," tweeted another user. "Oh hey Kim Novac, you know what doesn't have freedom? Your face," another user joked. The list, of people criticizing Novak's face, goes on and on.

Several people, however, came to Novak's defense after seeing all of the buzz on the social media sites. Rose McGowan was so outraged that Novak did not receive a standing ovation, when she took the stage, that she also took to Twitter to voice her opinion, calling the entire audience "self obsessed." “Kim Novak! No standing ovation?! Self-obsessed and disrespectful, that sums up the Oscar audience,” McGowan wrote, and then posted pictures of the legendary star to her personal Instagram account.

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