Kim Kardashian Posts Google Images As Her Own

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Kim Kardashian has been flooding her social media pages with beautiful images lately, supposedly taken while she was on vacation. But some of her fans noticed this week that the gorgeous shots seem a little suspect, and a quick search of Google images brings up the same pics the reality star posted.

Kardashian was in Thailand this month with her family--who also posted tons of photos--and took several selfies, one of which was with an elephant who seemed tickled when she got spooked by hot air from the beast's trunk. But the images that don't include Kim herself look a little too good to be true.

As Yahoo! points out, that second image isn't even of Thailand, but rather of Japan. Of course, Kim never came right out and said she took the photos herself, but one can assume that images posted during an exotic vacation would be of the place itself. The reality star has taken quite a bit of backlash from fans on Instagram who are pointing out that the images don't belong to her, but so far she hasn't responded.

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