Kim Kardashian Out With Kanye West in Questionable Attire

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Kim Kardashian was spotted out and about with hubby Kanye West in Calabasas on Sunday--and while that's not at all that unusual, what Kim was wearing at the time definitely was. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is noted for sporting some of the latest fashion trends--even when she's out for a casual stroll. On Sunday, however, Kim Kardashian looked like she'd raided the closet of a typical teenager, and grabbed whatever she could put her hands on first.

Kim wore a tight white boat neck t-shirt that was pretty much backless. She paired the top with a pair of worn and torn knee-length shorts and a pair of what were no doubt very pricey gladiator stiletto sandals. Now bear in mind that Kanye West wasn't dressed up either. He wore a simple gray t-shirt along with a pair of black leather jeans and tan boots. Still his wardrobe choices in no way stooped to the level of his wife's. Anyone viewing Kim Kardashian from behind in her ensemble might have mistaken her for--well, that's better left unsaid.

Yes, Kim and Kanye were only going to a movie theater, but even people who aren't rich and famous manage to dress better than Kim Kardashian did on Sunday.

OK! thinks it's a case of Kim Kardashian 'running out of ways to raw even more attention to her famous derrière.' Well she definitely drew attention, but by many people's standards she didn't do so in a positive way.

Kane West certainly enjoyed Kim's choice of attire. He was spotted smiling at his wife as they got inside their blacked out Mercedes SUV.

What's your take on Kim Kardsashian's outfit of choice for her Sunday movie date? Have you--no doubt like many others--seen better dressed women (sans the expensive stilettos) at the corner bar downtown?

Kimberly Ripley
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