Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Body And Curves

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Kim Kardashian has a body that most women would kill for, but after giving birth to her daughter North, she gained a noticeable amount of weight. Kim is working on losing weight, but said that she thinks her weight gain is a sign from God.

"I'd think God was doing this for a reason," she told Elle U.K. "He was saying: 'Kim, you think you're so hot, but look what I can do to you.'"

She continued, "My body just went crazy. After five months I swore I'd never get pregnant again. I got so huge and it felt like someone had taken over my body."

She said that it took her a long time to love her body and she will get to a point where she can love it again.

"It's taken me a long time to be happy with my body and for my confidence to grow to what it is today. I grew up when the body to have was the tall, slim, supermodel one, like Cindy Crawford's. No one looked like me," she shared.

"It's good to break the mold and recreate one. I'm an Armenian girl, I have shape, and it turned out people liked that. That makes me feel good about myself and about other women for being so supportive. I am a confident woman, but I didn't just arrive confident—it has built over the years and that is a big part of who I am now," she added.

Many people criticized Kim for her weight gain but she has shown them all that she is still confident and will not let anyone change that.

What do you think about Kim’s opinion of her weight?

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